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چکیده ارزشمندترین کتاب‌ها و مقالات روز مدیریت
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خانه - Project

سخنرانی ناب

How do the best public speakers project so much confidence? According to a TEDx producer, it's all about technique ? and it's something anyone can master. First, do research on your audience ahead of time, and craft your talk with them in mind. For example, if you?re speaking on a panel, you can probably speak more intimately to your audience. If you?re at an event that?s more high energy, your language should reflect that ? you can entertain the audience a bit more. If you?re at a conference that?s for professionals, you might want to speak in more technical terms. Doing this increases the odds that they will hear you, understand you, and be inspired by you. Next, think about the objective you have going into it. Maybe your goal is to get the audience to donate to a worthy cause. Maybe you want your audience to change their minds. How are you going to get them to do it? You can inspire, motivate, or even scare them. But you can?t do any of those things until you know what you want the ultimate outcome to be. Lastly, know the difference between a good and bad talk. A good talk has content that is fresh and well-edited, with a clear arc that takes us on a journey. A bad talk, on the other hand, is one that meanders, does not have a clear through-line, ends more than once, and is apologetic. Above all, remember: fearless speaking is the sum of many parts; it?s not just about wrangling the butterflies in your stomach. Artist Credit: Emma Todd/GETTY IMAGES
چگونه است که سخنرانان چیره‌دست قادرند این سطح از اعتمادبه‌نفس را از خود نشان دهند؟ به اعتقاد یکی از تهیه‌کنندگان تداکس، همه‌چیز به شگرد (تکنیک) یا همان طرز عمل بازمی‌گردد—و خب صد البته که این چیزی نیست که کسی از یادگرفتنش عاجز باشد! نخست باید پیش از موعد سخنرانی بر درباره مخاطبانتان تحقیق کنید و[...]
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نادیده‌گرفته شدن

Have you ever had a boss shut you out? Exclude you from crucial meetings, stop answering your questions, or ignore your needs for support? Regardless of the reason your boss is acting this way, there are approaches you can take to keep your career moving forward. First, you should verify whether or not your assumptions are true. Are your colleagues also having similar experiences with the person in question? If not, maybe they have advice on how to get a better result with your boss. Next, if you can tell that your relationship with your boss is not as cordial as it used to be, look for a way to rebuild it. You'll likely have to initiate a conversation, so try to show your boss that you value them and that you want to set things right. Be straightforward: ?I realize that you haven?t wanted me to coordinate with Joanna the way I used to. Have I done something that you felt didn?t represent us well?" If the relationship can?t be repaired, however, it?s better to concentrate on what you can contribute to the organization as a whole instead. One way to do this is to build alliances with other colleagues. For example, offer to serve on cross-functional teams or volunteer for company-sponsored events. Providing visible support for other departments is a good way to get noticed and accomplish more than you could on your own. Artist Credit: IMAGE SOURCE/GETTY IMAGES
آیا تا کنون رئیسی داشته‌اید که شما را نادیده بگیرد؟ نه شما را به جلسه‌های مهم دعوت کند، نه جوابی به پرسش‌هایتان بدهد، نه حمایت‌تان کند؟ صرف‌نظر از دلیل اتخاذ این شیوه از جانب رئیستان، راه‌کارهایی وجود دارد که می‌توانید با به‌کارگیری آن‌ها کاروبار خودتان را به پیش ببرید. نخست اینکه راستی‌آزمایی کنید ببینید آیا[...]
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دو دوست و یک ارتقاء شغلی

2018-12-29 16.30.13 1945053049245147904_2308133036
آیا اتفاق افتاده است که شما و یکی از دوستانتان در محل کار هر دو درآن‌واحد مترصد کسب یک ارتقاء شغلیِ یکسان بوده باشید؟ در چنین موقعیتی تکلیف چیست؟ چه باید کرد؟ نخست اینکه مدام به خود گوشزد کنید حفظ تعادل و توازن در احساسات و داشتن چشم‌انداز بسیار حیاتی است. مدام به خودتان یادآوری[...]
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ایدۀ تابلو

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-08 at 2.57.36 AM
هرگز آیا شده است که ایده‌ای محشر را تنها به این دلیل رها کرده باشید که به نظر خیلی اصطلاحاً «تابلو» بوده؟ باور عمومی این است که چنانچه پاسخ پرسشی بیش‌ از اندازه سهل باشد، ارزش وقت گذاشتن ندارد. به خود می‌گویید یعنی تا به حال به ذهن حداقل یک نفر هم نرسیده است؟! اما[...]
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